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Our chicken is free range, wines are organic

and ALL our food is MSG free.


To provide an enjoyable and well balanced dining experience, side orders are recommended to accompany any dish.

25. Saté                         £6.20

Marinated barbecued chicken with peanut sauce. 

26. Kra Dook Moo Yang         £6.20

Barbecued pork spare ribs with a soy dip.


27. Tod Mun Kao Pord.         £5.50

Deep fried corn cakes with a special chilli dip


28. Pak Chup Pang Tod         £5.20

Vegetables in batter with a sweet chilli and plum dip.

29. Khanum Pang Na Gung     £6.20

Marinated minced prawns on toast with a sweet chilli and plum dip.


30. Yum Wun Sent              £8.90

Mixed seafood salad with jelly noodles & fresh chilli.



31. Salad Pak                       £5.50

Vegetable salad with tofu & egg in a peanut sauce.


32. Hoar Mok Hoi                   £8.90

Steamed mussels in a red curry sauce.


33. Poa Pia                          £5.50

Spring rolls with a sweet chilli and plum dip.

34. Kung Sarong                     £6.20

Marinated king prawns wrapped in rice paper with
a sweet chilli and plum dip.

35. Khanom Jeep                    £6.50

Steamed pork and prawn dumplings, water chestnut, mixed herbs with a sour soy sauce.

36. Tod Mun Kung                   £6.50

Deep fried prawn cakes with a special chilli dip.


37. Tom Yum Kung.                   £6.50

Spicy prawn soup with mushrooms, herbs and lemon grass.


38. Tom Kah Kai                      £6.50

Sweet & sour spicy chicken soup with galanga and mushrooms in coconut milk.

39. Pud Pak Ruam Mit               £8.50

Stir-fried mixed vegetables.

40. Khao Kebab Goong              £2.50

Thai prawn cracker

41. Khao Pad Khai                  £4.00

Egg fried rice


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